Monthly Archives: May 2015

Trading Room Results May

R Units made – 30.96 Total Profit $20,965.25 Total Trades – 144 Avg.Traders per day –  7.2 Average Winner – $651 Average Loser – $319.38 Profit/Loss Ratio – 2.04 Average Risk per trade – $677

Hardwork and Homework

s professional traders most of the hard work is done when the market is closed. We go over our trades, review them in detail and find the spots where we can improve,or where we might have gone wrong. Goal is to improve on your strengths and cut our mistakes. Over time as you eliminate your […]

How to Fix and Correct Mistakes

As trader’s we always make mistakes during the trading day. If you are a new trader or an experienced trader, mistakes are part of the game and a part of being human. However what separate’s the winners from the losers is how you handle those mistakes and the corrective action you take. At the end […]

Trading Room Results April

R Units made – 24.70 Total Profit $19,872.19 Total Trades – 165 Avg.Traders per day –  7.9 Average Winner – $682.72 Average Loser – $383.68 Profit/Loss Ratio – 1.78 Average Risk per trade – $805