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What Does It Take To Become a Day Trader?

Day trading is not for everyone. Day trading attracts people because it presents the potential for a considerable amount of profits. For those who choose to go into day trading, they are lured in not just by the promise of financial success but by the thrill as often described by experienced traders. Mastering day trading […]

There is no Free Lunch !

There was once a Chinese emperor who assembled a few of his most trusted ministers and issued this command: “Travel throughout the world, gather all the wisdom you can find, and assemble it in one place here in the royal city.” The ministers set off, north, south, east and west, accompanied by soldiers, servants, carriages […]

7 Ways to Get You Started as a Trader

If you’re new to the investing world, your experience is probably limited or non-existent. Perhaps you’ve decided to become a trader because you have a friend who is one who talks about how exciting the stock market is and of course, the gains. Or maybe, you saw stock market trading in a movie and it […]


Day Trading. Most people have heard that term before, and it is usually followed with some form of negative comment or reaction. So, what is day trading and is it as bad as people say it is? After trading the markets for over 11 years, I thought I’d set the record straight and not only […]