Common Questions New Traders Ask Early in the Game

Anytime someone looks into starting a new line of work, it’s understandable that they’d have questions about their fledgling occupation. New day traders are no different — in fact, they may ask more questions than your average barista or secretary in training. It’s hard to blame them when the world of day trading is marketed […]

Trading Results February

Trading Results December

R Units made – 34.97 Total Profit $34,502.65 Total Trades – 206 Avg.Traders per day – 10.8 Average Winner – $933.70 Average Loser – $727.77 Profit/Loss Ratio – 1.28 Average Risk per trade – $987 The above results are from our Stocks Trading Room The Forex Signals service made +10.43% (based on 2% risk per trade).