How Professional Traders Use Leverage


We get a lot of emails every week on the topic of “ leverage “ with that being said we decided we would go into a little bit of detail on how you can use leverage and how professional traders do. Retail traders starting off should learn more about leverage before they start using it. […]

Four Important Lessons to Learn as a Newbie Day Trader

Lesson for new traders

Many fledgling day traders come to me and they’re shaking in their boots. They hear horror stories about traders that fail — these traders had totally crashed and burned, losing all of their money and ended up completely broke. I tell them two things: One: Some traders do fail and that’s simply a fact of […]

Trading Results July

Trading Results December

R Units made – 30.64 Total Profit $29,964.13 Total Trades – 177 Avg.Traders per day – 8.8 Average Winner – $780.84 Average Loser – $834.75 Profit/Loss Ratio – 0.94 Average Risk per trade – $978  

Trader Mistakes: Feeing Yourself to Failure

Trading Fees

As is the case in any business, there are many things to consider and oversee so that your business will flourish. It’s the goal of all businesses to be efficient and ultimately make as much money as possible. Nowhere is this truer than in the trading industry. Even though the cost of entry into the […]