3 Steps to Understanding Why Limiting Beliefs Are Holding You Back

You don’t have to be a supporter of Modern Western psychology to understand the power of attraction, i.e., the power of our subconscious beliefs and their manifestations in real time. Everything we do and live is grounded on what we indeed think, feel and believe about ourselves, the world and everything else in between. Our core concepts and values along with our deeply-rooted images of ourselves will find a way to surface through a string of events in our lives, people we meet, the choices we make. Call us dramatic, but here’s the truth that’s accurate for all of us: Not until we accept that we live our projections will we have a successful life.

#1 The Negative Is Killing You

How many times have you thought to yourself “I need to get this done, but am I too clumsy/stupid/ugly/unworthy/incapable of doing it?” Have you ever felt an impulse to approach someone but then decided to back out at the last moment, thinking “I’m not good enough?” Do you keep letting other people get ahead even though you are doing double the work? Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you rationally see things should be different than their manifestations? An example of this would be you keep giving chances to partners that you know are wrong or worse than you but they still end up leaving you. Well, that’s your negatively wired subconscious working against your rationale, and ultimately, guiding your whole life in a contrary manner.

Whether the stories you tell yourself are true or false, irrational or justified, they are your most significant limits. Call it autosuggestion, the power of attraction, irrational mental blockages, doings of the Universe or “your bad luck.” The negative beliefs themselves, are the primary reason for your limited ability to act and get a positive result.

#2 Limits Are Everywhere – But You Are Stronger

Limiting beliefs exist in abundance, and virtually all spheres of our lives – from our relationships to our health and the business arena – and embracing them can cap your ability to prosper in life and at work.

Don’t you think it’s time that changed? It sure is. But, before you start changing things, take a look at some of the most common limiting beliefs preventing you from becoming a money-making investor and trader.

  • I’ll probably fail in the first week of trading
  • There’s no way I’ll make money trading, but I’ll try
  • If it looks too good to be true, it is
  • Why would success happen to me?
  • If this doesn’t work out, I could lose everything
  • I don’t think I’m cut out for this, but let’s see

These, and plenty similar limiting beliefs are, believe it or not, sentences we’ve heard many traders say before embarking on their trading journey! If looked at from a distance; they’re all colored in contrary suppositions, shaping their outcomes. Rationally, you think it’s ridiculous even to start doing anything if you’ll be coming from the point of failure, right? Right. However, while you do spot the negativity from afar, you usually don’t detect it when you are the one “practicing it.” But, can you change these negative patterns? You can!

Consider this: turn your focus from negative into positive using pure linguistics. So, instead of saying:


  • “I’m so failing at this trading thing,” say “I’m going to nail this trading thing!”


  • “I don’t think I’ll earn much from trading, but I’ll give it a shot,” say “I’ll earn enough money from trading to go to the Maldives on vacation.”
  • “Trading is so difficult to understand,” say “Trading is a real challenge, I love a good challenge!”



…and so on.

After all, what you focus on is what you’ll end up with.

  • If you believe you’ll be good at trading – you will be!
  • If you think you’ll make lots of money, you will!
  • If you hope for the best, the best will happen!

#3 There IS Such Thing as Free Money… You Just Don’t See It

Limiting beliefs regarding money, the concept of “free money” and the accumulation of money alone may have been ingrained deep into your subconscious from an early age by your parents and your surrounding circle. The concept of “easy money” is often dismissed by the middle (working class) who are used to working hard to earn what they have. They cultivate the same mindset in their children, from an early age.

If you’ve ever heard your parents say the following sentences, chances are you’ve believed them, and now live by them:  

  • We don’t get money given to us in this family
  • You need to work really hard to make money
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees
  • We always have to work double for what others get easily
  • Avoid things that are different
  • Nothing ever comes to us easily
  • Money just doesn’t come easily
  • It’s better to be safe than sorry

The truth behind these stock, limiting beliefs is that people who have practiced them never tried leaving that mindset and trying something different. Although working hard is admirable in every respect, the hard work alone doesn’t have to be stressful, painful and limiting. What usually happens for people who work hard and view their work through a negative prism (i.e., “We always have to work double for what others get easily”) are blocking “easy money” from reaching them.

Let’s take a different look at things for a second.

Has someone bought you lunch recently, out of the blue? Have you scored a discount on a super expensive item you’ve been eyeing for months? Did you get a piece of advice when you most needed it, and it helped your situation? Has someone bought you a gift? Did you get fantastic trading advice from an experiment trader? Well, that’s all free money.

When you open yourself to a possibility to work less and earn more, chances are the circumstances will form themselves in a way to present you with an “easy money” opportunity. You can still work hard and smart and earn a lot without continually feeling stressed.

      In business and trading, free money comes through smart opportunities. If you change your limiting beliefs and turn them into positive opportunities, you’ll see how many more chances to earn good money you’ll get – trading is just one example. Don’t expect not to work at all, though – the idea with flipping limiting beliefs to your advantage is to work smart and earn a lot, not abandon work altogether and expect money to come in flowing. Open yourself to a change in attitudes, subconscious beliefs and possibilities and look at your wallet thicken.

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