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Prepare To Be Unprepared! has helped many novice and experienced traders realize their dream of mastering the markets for both income and wealth. However, despite’s comprehensive educational offerings being among the best in the industry, a large number of traders still fail to realize their goals and eventually quit. With such knowledgeable and experienced instructors, how is it […]

Take Your Stops or Stop Trading!

Having trouble adhering to your stops lately? Well, for some traders this is a difficult psychological demon to overcome. One that if not corrected quickly will lead to your demise as a trader. Sounds pretty serious, doesn’t it? It is! For those of you who have this nagging problem, you already know the costs. So, […]

Trading Room Results August

R Units made – 65.04 Total Profit $53,030.97 Total Trades – 141 Avg.Traders per day –  6.7 Average Winner – $1192.55 Average Loser – $428.84 Profit/Loss Ratio – 2.78 Average Risk per trade – $815

Simplify Your Way To Success

Trading is a wonderful business. As each year passes more and more people are discovering this amazing industry. The freedom, flexibility and potential income can all be fantastic, IF you’re able to last! Success will not come overnight; it’s the steady, consistent trader that will succeed. There is no easier way to achieve this than […]

KPCD Formula for Trading Success

The KPCD Formula for Traidng Success Knowledge to know when the odds are in your favour. Patience to wait for that moment. Confidence to enter the trade without hesitation Discipline to manage the trade Properly and following the plan regardless of whether it goes in your favour or not. To Conclude, Remember this or perhaps […]

Trading Room Results July

R Units made – 40.45 Total Profit $33,987.75 Total Trades – 190 Avg.Traders per day –  8.6 Average Winner – $1035.77 Average Loser – $430.98 Profit/Loss Ratio – 2.40 Average Risk per trade – $840


Most traders keep analyzing and looking for that perfect entry point and that perfect time. Guess what ? There is NO Perfect time to buy or sell. You have your strategies and the strategies have their statistics and probabilities. Stop doubting yourself and your strategies, Take the trade and let it play out. Getting in […]

Trading Room Results June

R Units made – 33.99 Total Profit $27,515.69 Total Trades – 151 Avg.Traders per day –  6.9 Average Winner – $1130.10 Average Loser – $534.19 Profit/Loss Ratio – 2.12 Average Risk per trade – $810

Trading Room Results May

R Units made – 30.96 Total Profit $20,965.25 Total Trades – 144 Avg.Traders per day –  7.2 Average Winner – $651 Average Loser – $319.38 Profit/Loss Ratio – 2.04 Average Risk per trade – $677

Hardwork and Homework

s professional traders most of the hard work is done when the market is closed. We go over our trades, review them in detail and find the spots where we can improve,or where we might have gone wrong. Goal is to improve on your strengths and cut our mistakes. Over time as you eliminate your […]