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For Those Who are Good and Want to Become the Best.

“Years of chasing the elusive forex profits that could slay my day job, and losing way too many shirts, finally brought about a life changing discovery: A forex profit-sucking method so simple it will shock you….”

Corporate Account Program Benefits:

Section 1 – Foundation and fundamentals of Forex

  • How Forex works and all fundamentals
  • Ways to trade FX
  • Basic truth behind the market
  • Calculations of trades
  • Basics to Fundamental and Technical analysis
  • Charts and Trends
  • Other information – lot sizes, leverage, margin, equity.

Section 2 – Risk Management

  • Full idea of risk
  • How to calculate your trades sizes
  • Using the PipMastersFX risk calculator
  • Risk reward between Swing and Intraday
  • Experience in the market

Section 3 – Getting started

  • Getting started
  • Use the trading room
  • How to use the scanner
  • How much to start with and the truth behind the amount you can really make
  • Extra information about brokers
  • Truth behind trading

Section 4 – Trading sessions, Swing and Intraday (Overall how to trade swing and intraday)

  • Implementing trading into your lifestyle
  • Methods to trade FX Swing and Intraday
  • Pros and Cons to Swing and Intraday
  • How FX Pro Dan Trades these and how you should trade this
  • Intraday Trading session and the secret
  • Intraday Trading session and the secret behind the market that is not shown
  • How a trading day should be like

Section 5 – How to trade. Rules to stick by for EVERYONE

Section 6 – Fundamental Analysis

  • How judgement is made
  • News to be aware of

Section 7 – Technical Analysis

  • How to chart
  • How to trade and judge
  • BAR BY BAR – Support resistance lines, fib, PF, segments, swings HL, EVERYTHING

Section 8 – Anmol’s Swing Trading FX Strategy and Insider view of the FX Markets

  • Swing Trading Strategy
  • Trendline Strategies
  • Advanced Patterns
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Inside view on how FX Brokerages work

Section 9 – Taking your FX Career to the next level

  • How to become a Forex Money Manager
  • How to start your own FX Trading Firm or Brokerage

Section 10 – Platform Tutorial Meta Trader 4

  • Full Indepth tutorial on the MT4 Platform
  • Installation and usage of custom indicators
  • Hidden Order placement
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