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You keep hearing about HFT’s, professional traders, prop trading firms and hedge funds making lots of money, so why do they have the edge over the average retail trader? What makes them better? What advantages do proprietary trading firms have? Simply put, it is the tools, training, software, execution speed and direct access platforms they have which provides them with a significant edge over the average trader. In the Live Traders Corporate Account Program we provide the necessary tools, software, direct access platforms and professional training to compete and even thrive against the industry ‘big boys.’


Email or call us today to see if you qualify for access to our firms capital.

Corporate Account Program Benefits:

  • Professional direct access trading platforms.
  • Super fast executions and level II access.
  • Programmable hot keys.
  • A great ‘borrow list’ for shorting stocks.
  • Advanced risk management tools.
  • No series 7/56 exam required.
  • No 1 year lock period.
  • No day trade limits.
  • Advanced routes and execution algos.
  • Competitive commission rates.
  • Commission rebates and full pass-through.
  • Excellent profit split.
  • World class tech support and monitoring.
  • Organized online trade reporting system.
  • International residents welcome.
  • Remote trading from around the globe.
  • Available for Options and Forex too.


  • Trader Training

Get access to our Direct market access training program. Training on trade execution, ECN’s, routes and platform usage.

  • Trade Tracking Spreadsheet

Get access to our Direct market access training program. Training on trade execution, ECN’s, routes and platform usage.

  • Trading Psychology CD Series

Learn how to master your emotions and overcome these pesky demons that only serve to cost you money!

  • Gaps Scanner

Get lifetime access to use our Gaps and In-Play stock scanner. Find the right stocks to trade.

  • Pro Webinar Series

Join Jared and Anmol for monthly in-depth market review and educational lectures on current topics.

  • Email Support

Email support to help answer any questions you might have as well as helpful advice and critiques on how to create a successful trading/business plan.





“Thanks to Livetraders I am finally a consistent trader, with them I learned to think, develop and follow a strategy which I use to guide my trades. My future is in my hands now 🙂 Highly recommend them to anyone looking to trade and generate income.” – Joao Cabrita
“Finally a service that is honest, truthful and transparent. After joining Team LiveTraders, my career took a new path. I was able to make the transition from trading as a hobby to finally trading as a career. Can’t thank the team enough !! keep it up” – Karan Dewan
“I was a part time trader for 10 years. During this time i took several courses with several companies but my trading never improved. I only started making money when i joined LiveTraders. Thanks to the efforts of Jared” – Marco Dallara
“At LiveTraders I was finally able to experience the mind set of a professional trader; Jared made everything easily available and easy to understand. The PTS Course (that includes the business and psychology of trading) and the Strategy Class were ground breakers. I have learnt to interpret the markets from a professionals perspective and discovered where my personality fits into the trading scene. A fresh, professional and friendly environment to learn and grow, I am a LiveTrader!” – John Cameron