Hardwork and Homework

s professional traders most of the hard work is done when the market is closed. We go over our trades, review them in detail and find the spots where we can improve,or where we might have gone wrong. Goal is to improve on your strengths and cut our mistakes. Over time as you eliminate your mistakes and build on your strength, you develop and hone your Edge and trading is ALL about the Edge.

Things to keep in mind:-

  • What did i do wrong ?
  • What did i do right ?
  • Can i replicate my winners ?
  • What can i do to find the winning patterns again ?
  • What can i do to eliminate my mistakes ?
  • How can i avoid my mistakes again ?
  • Did i follow my plan ?
  • What can i do to ensure i follow my plan ?
  • Emotions and psychology check
  • and more….

Remember Trading is ALL about finding and Executing YOUR EDGE

Happy Trading

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