Killer Thoughts: The Victim Mentality

Killer Thoughts



How do you view your world? Is it a fantastic place where you can become anything you want, or is it a horror movie that just won’t end? You see, our beliefs and opinions shape our world, not the other way around! People who let their environment control their outcome in life are simply giving in to their ‘plight’ and using it as an excuse as to why they haven’t been more successful or why they aren’t able to accomplish certain things that others have. I like to call this the ‘victim mentality,’ and it’s an absolute destroyer of hopes, dreams and goals.

Sadly there are far too many people who allow others to mentally ‘beat them down,’ crush their confidence and ultimately steal their precious potential. Don’t allow negative, jealous people in your world, they will damage your psyche. The phrase “misery loves company” is very real, especially if you surround yourself with unsuccessful, jealous people. In today’s society people who have failed at something or perhaps have not achieved the level of success they once thought was possible don’t typically wish their contemporaries continued success, because if their friends or peers were to surpass their level of accomplishment, they would have no choice but to admit they weren’t good enough. It’s a very hard thing to admit that someone worked harder than you or that someone is simply better than you are. Most people will either make up a ridiculous excuse as to why they haven’t achieved more in life and you have, or they will simply over compensate by acting negative and trying to bring you down.

There is no doubt that everyone has a different ‘starting point’ in life. Some folks have the benefit of a top notch private education and family connections and others have virtually no initial advantages at all. Does this make achieving goals impossible? NO. Might it make your journey a bit more arduous and potentially challenging? SURE. However, that is no justification to act like a victim and start making excuses as to why you didn’t accomplish your goals.

Accept responsibility for your life and the actions you take. Don’t allow other people’s successes or failures to dictate how your future will turn out. There are plenty of folks who have had all the advantages in the world handed to them and yet they still fail to be happy or successful because of a poor work ethic or outlook on life. On the flip side, there are also lots of people who have risen from the brink of poverty and despair to become hugely successful and highly respected.

So, stay away from people who are ‘victims,’ they are psychological killers and will only bring you down. That also goes for the man or woman in the mirror. If you find yourself making excuses or becoming overly negative about your actions or results, you had better think twice about which road you are choosing, because it can be a very slippery slope that ends in failed hopes, dreams and a negative outlook on life. Stay positive!

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