Learn How to Reduce Dependence on Credit Cards and Grow Your Wealth

reduce credit reliance

Planning for the future inevitably involves thinking about finances. Ideally, one should have money in savings, a retirement account, and even an investment fund.

Unfortunately for many U.S. residents, that’s not the case. About 40% of Americans would not be able to afford an unexpected $400 expense without going into debt, whether through using a credit card or a short-term loan.

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And yes, we think credit cards can be great tools, but they should not be used as a financial safety net. One way to avoid having to rely on credit cards is to build up a healthy nest egg of your own by trading on the stock market.

Investing in securities is a great way to grow your money. The average annual return on stock market investments is around 10%. For comparison, most savings accounts offer a return of around 0.05%. That’s quite a difference.

But if you think trading on the stock market is reserved for savvy financial experts, that’s no longer the case. Today, there are plenty of opportunities for individuals to invest, and Live Traders offers a bevy of educational resources to teach people how.

We recently spoke with Live Traders Founder Anmol Singh to learn more about the company, its educational mission, and what sets it apart from other trading resources.

So, put those credit cards away as we learn what Singh had to tell us.

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