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Real Money. Real Traders. Real Results.


  1. Real trading and real results posted, including all losses. Entry, stop and target posted – real time update on management.
  2. Real emotions: we are not actors or marketers, we are traders.
  3. Real education on various topics daily.
  4. Real support: a true community approach to learning.
  5. Real activity: you can expect 5-10 trades in the room per day. More activity means more practice.
  6. We specialise in trading the market open.

Our Daily Routine

  • 9:00 to 9:20: Morning Market Review & Creation/Review Of Today’s Gap List
  • 9:20 to 9:30: Refine today’s Gap List Into Top Favorites For Early Entry Upon Market Open.
  • 9:30: Market Opens
  • 9:30 to 10 Heavy Focus On Our Top Favorites List and Typically Multiple Trades Executed.
  • 10 to 11:00: We Trade Our Secondary Set-Up’s, Back-Up Watches and Manage Open Positions.
  • 11:00-12:00: Afternoon Set-Ups, Manage Out Open Positions & Daily Trade Reviews.
  • 12:00 to 4:00pm: Room Open For Members To Chat, Share Ideas and Interact.

*We typically call 5-6 trades per day in the room and sometimes more. ALL of which are personally taken by the trader who calls them and are given before they trigger. Good Trades, bad trades, slippage, no fills, partial fills, commissions and all of the other ‘taboo’ topics are discussed because they are REAL and happen everyday in the markets! If you want to see how ACTUAL traders trade, then the Live Traders Chat Room (LTCR) is your place!

If you`re looking for an intelligent way to day trade the stock market everyday, Join our community of profitable traders.

One Good Trade Can Pay  A Lifetime’s Worth of Subscriptions!!

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Earn While You Learn

Trade Live daily with the Live Traders team, students and guest traders.

Come Check Out What REAL Trading Looks Like!

Live trading rooms are critical to growing as a trader, as they allow immediate feedback, networking and learning from a variety of individuals with different experience levels. It also enables you the opportunity to witness the emotional rollercoaster trading can be. Using our proprietary trading patterns and unique formula, we are able to help you by giving you a trading edge while monitoring your ability to use the information we teach effectively.

Live Trading can help you bridge that experience by allowing you to learn on the spot from the industry’s best, while saving you a ton of time and possible losses. Allow your network to become your net worth.

One of the main reasons that so many traders struggle is the lack of suitable role models and professional mentors to guide them properly. When someone trades alone in their home office with no accountability or guidance they tend to struggle to find ideas, lack a credible support system and often make the same mistakes over and over again. Simply put, this is not a good recipe for success. Our Live Trading room is a perfect place to find like-minded individuals on their way to trading Success, There is a reason why we are ranked as the Top Online Trading room and have been awarded the title of the Best Daytrading Room.

The Live Traders Chat Room (LTCR) is a great place to not only get guidance and professional advice from experienced and profitable traders, but it’s also a great place to meet other traders and bounce ideas off of each other. There is no doubt it will speed up your learning curve to becoming a profitable trader! Come check out our LIVE Trading Chat Room, it’s the BEST in the industry!

Live Online Trading Room

  • Trades Called In Real Time BEFORE They Trigger
    • All Trades Have: Entry, Stop and Target Posted
    • All Trades Have: Real-Time Update On Management
  • IF, We Don’t Get Filled On A Trade, We Don’t Add It To The Daily Results!
  • There is NO Trade ‘Inflation’ – The Get Tracked Exactly How They Happen
    • No BS, No Hype, Just Trading
  • We Watch and Discuss Level II.
  • Some Trades Work Great and Some Trades Stop-Out: That’s REAL Trading.
  • We Don’t Sugar Coat Anything, This Includes Our Emotions and Results
  • We Explain ALL of Our Trades and WHY We Took Them, For Better Or Worse.
  • We Make Mistakes, and You Will See These Mistake First Hand: Use Them As A Learning Experience To Help Improve Your Own Trading.
  • We Trade Trading As A Business: Which Means We Take It Very Seriously!
  • We Encourage Questions and Group Participation.It Is Truly A ‘Community”

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