2021 Legacy Scholarship 4 Pay

$499.00 / month for 4 months





With our 2021 Legacy Scholarship you get access to all of our educational training materials so you can further expand your trading knowledge and feed your mind with everything we have from Stocks to Forex and even Options.

Our Legacy Scholarship are by far the most comprehensive trading courses available today!

If you want to be good at anything in life, it takes hard work, dedication and a solid education! We feel comfortable in saying that the courses within the Live Traders Legacy Scholarship Program are the most complete and comprehensive courses available on the internet. The kind of information that will ACTUALLY help you become a true professional trader using technical analysis.

Many of today’s courses fill up pages upon pages with technical charts and nothing more. They tell you to buy here and sell there… that’s all well and good, IF you plan on trading in a vacuum!! Real markets are NOTHING like a textbook. They require experience to master. The Live Trader’s team can help with bridging that gap.

Not only do we discuss technical related information, we also teach a great deal about HOW TO get filled on trades, HOW TO avoid slippage on exits, and HOW TO handle/avoid the all-too common emotional pitfalls. It truly is “What Real Trader’s Need To Succeed.”

If you want to learn chart theory and think that’s enough, you are sorely mistaken…

No other course out there delves into REAL trading topics like the courses within the Live Trader’s Legacy Scholarship does.

Here is a sample of some of the topics discussed in the course:

  • In-Depth Technical Analysis
  • Candle Sticks
  • Different Market Trends
  • Support & Resistance Points
  • Essential Patterns
  • The Business of Trading
  • Planning For Success
  • Pre-Market Chart/Trading
  • Money Management
  • Trade & Risk Management
  • Level II, Spreads & Liquidity
  • Choosing A Trading Style
  • Gaps & Gap Ratings
  • Psychology
  • Building A Trading Plan
  • Putting It All Together

And so much more inside our Legacy Scholarship Program.

Terms are $499/month, the first payment of $499 will be due today and for the next 2 months the card you have on file will be automatically charged $499 each month until the total of $1,996 has been collected. If you have any question please reach out to our team at [email protected]