Coaching with Cliff Annual – LT

$299.00 / year





Vision Statement: The number one goal for this group is to be the place to provide you a place to get accountability. A lot of trader’s are not holding themselves accountable. Sometimes that’s because they don’t realize they need to and sometimes it’s just that they don’t have anybody to hold them accountable. This group can be a place to get that accountability. My vision for the group is that everyone works together and supports each other. If you participate you’ll get the necessary feedback to help improve your trading.

What is being provided:
– Daily Trading Articles with tips to improve your trading (articles to include management, strategies, trading plan tips, psychology, just about anything to do with trading).
– Make comments and ask questions about these articles.
– Ask questions on any aspect of your trading.
– Get help refining your trading plan and checklist (you must have a trading plan, we’ll just help you improve it).
– Submit your trades daily for review by both moderators and your peers. How much could you learn if you could have some of your trades reviewed?
– Review trades your peers submit. You can also learn from what your peers are doing and comment or ask questions about their trades.
– Get trading platform help if you are on a common platform that other trader’s in the group are using.
– This group is primarily geared toward stock but we may be able to answer basic options questions also.