PTS 4 x 575

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“It’s by far the most comprehensive trading course available today!”

If you want to be good at anything in life, it takes hard work, dedication and a solid education! We feel comfortable in saying that Professional Trading Strategies is the most complete course available on technical analysis trading. The kind of information that will ACTUALLY help you become a professional trader.

Many courses fill up page upon page with technical charts and nothing more. They tell you to buy here and sell there… that’s all well and good, IF you plan on trading in a vacuum!! Real markets are NOTHING like a textbook. They require experience to master. PTS has bridged that gap.

Not only do we discuss technical related information, we also talk a great deal about HOW TO get filled on trades, and HOW TO avoid slippage on exits, and HOW TO handle/avoid the all-too common emotional pitfalls. It truly is “What Real Trader’s Need To Succeed.” If you want to learn chart theory and think that’s enough, you are sorely mistaken… No other course out there delves into REAL trading topics like PTS does. If you are serious about making money as a trader, then this course is a necessity!


  • Professional Trading Strategies ($3,499 Value) *16+ Hours of Video Training Plus 550+ Page Digital Copy
  • Traders Guide to Success ($29.95 Value) *Nail the basics so you don’t waste any more time or money!
  • Trading With An Edge ($97 Value) *2-hour technical analysis video training will prepare you 110%
  • 1 Month Live Trading Room ($175 Value) *Learn and trade beside us – follow our lead & grow your account!
  • 1 Month Swing Trading & Wealth Newsletter ($127 Value) *Great ideas for longer term plays via email weekly!
  • ​Lifetime Coaching & Support ($1,997 Value) *We’re here for you looong after this Mega Bundle sale.
  • Trading Psychology Recordings ($197 Value) *Master your mind = master your trading = consistent profits
  • Trade Tracking spreadsheet ($97 Value) *Great tool we’ve created so you can track your trades easier.
  • Trading Plan Essentials Book Digital ($97 Value) *Perfect NEW addition to this bundle – planning is key.

Here is a sample of some of the topics discussed in Professional Trading Strategies:

  • In-Depth Technical Analysis
  • Candle Sticks
  • Different Market Trends
  • Support & Resistance Points
  • Essential Patterns
  • The Business of Trading
  • Planning For Success
  • Pre-Market Chart/Trading
  • Money Management
  • Trade & Risk Management
  • Level II, Spreads & Liquidity
  • Choosing A Trading Style
  • Gaps & Gap Ratings
  • Psychology
  • Building A Trading Plan
  • Putting It All Together