PTS LIVE (PTS Graduates Only)


October 2-3, 2021
Limited Spots Available. Secure Yours Today!
Additional Training Material provided before the event.




Congratulations. Most people only talk about chasing their dreams. Not you. You’re out there chasing, and together we will make those dreams real.

A more profitable and prosperous trading future is that much closer.

But you’ve taken PTS, so you already know it will be good.

  • 2 FULL days (8-10 hours per day) of Training and Q&A
  • Covering everything from Intro to Trading to Advanced Strategies
  • Candlestick Deep Dive
  • Essential Patterns (including 3 & 4 Bar Plays, Breakouts, Retests, Wedges, etc!)
  • Gaps (how to find them, rate them and trade them!)
  • Premarket Charts
  • Swing Trading & Core Trading
  • Order Entry (Get Filled! aka how NOT to get skipped)
  • Money Management
  • Trade Management
  • Trading Psychology
  • 20% of this course has NEVER BEEN SEEN before – new things I’ve learned over the last 3 years to make YOUR trading better!

Can’t wait to see you at PTS LIVE!

I also have a few surprises in store this time you won’t want to miss.





*If you have not yet taken PTS, CLICK HERE to purchase your ticket to PTS LIVE as a new student.