Trade Management App – Yearly

$997.00 / year





Benefits of Trade Manager:

  • Creates ideal trading habits and discipline

When most traders begin using real money, they tend to take trades NOT on their trading plan, as well as trading irrationally due to heightened emotions. With Trade Manager, once you plan your trade, the execution (entry/exit) is on autopilot – eliminating your emotions from the trade.

  • Eliminates Mistakes

For traders placing orders manually, it is common to calculate share size incorrectly. With Trade Manager, your size is managed for you based on predetermined Risk.

  • Saves Time

Once your presets are determined, there’s no more manually entering share size, stop loss, exit price, etc. Click, click, done.


Trade Manager = Stress-Free Trading on Autopilot


*Currently only available for Interactive Brokers (IB) trading platform. After purchase, you will be sent exclusive license key and step-by-step installation instructions.